The time is now for music with a message about how we're going to get through this 
tragical history tour.


Chris Alcaraz has been playing music since his four-year-old fingers first held a violin. He learned to play guitar at seven, electric bass at eight and double bass at nine. Chris attended Arizona State University on a Jazz scholarship and played double bass in the University Symphony. 

After graduation, he moved to Austin where he met Texas Tornado Ernie Durawa. Ernie introduced Chris to pianist Wiley Cousins and after a couple of Scandinavian tours, the band relocated to Finland. Chris recorded his first solo album with the group and moved to London, where the singles "Anne" and "To Your Heart" received national airplay on BBC Radio 2.  

Returning to the States, Chris formed his own band and was introduced to teaching by his early mentor Bud Dimock, who also taught jazz giants Grant Geissman and Stanley Jordan.  

For the past eight years, Chris has served as Bassist, Vocalist and Musical Director for DURAWA with Ernie Durawa and Will Knaak (Blue October).  Featuring a different guest artist each week and morphing into a different band kept it interesting for both performers and audience alike.

DURAWA's new album was recorded live with no more than two takes of each song.  Brian Mitchell (Levon Helm)  is currently tracking keyboard overdubs for the album's November release. 

The music is about peace, love, togetherness and improving the human condition.  These messages need to be heard and shared.  We are all part of 'One Human Race' facing the same fears and together we shall overcome.